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About Us

For over 25 years.  Summer sunshine and healthy fun with lots of activities, special events & trips.                                                                                                                    

Flexable weekly rates to fit all parents schedules!     Only a 2 week minimum enrollment.

 2015 Season:

Monday June 29th – August 28
Mini Camp August 28 – Sept 4

Ages:  4-14     Plus a 3yr old 1/2 day introduction to camp.

Hours:      8:30am – 4pm
        Early drop off 7:50am –  8:30       Pick up 3:45-4:00
Extended day 4:00pm –  6:30pm
Early Explorers intro for 3 year olds
Drop off  9:00-9:15      Pickup 1:00 – 1:15
St Saviour Church Basement, 8th Avenue and 6th Street, Park Slope Brooklyn    (2 & 1/2 blocks from F train 7th Ave stop)

Who are we?

At parents request, In 1984 Christine Altman put together a summer playgroup in Prospect Park. Each day this group of three through five year olds used their imaginations as we explored different areas of the Park. In thoughs days there were no fences around the woods. We would build with sticks, find tortises in the grass, cross streams on stones, catch frogs, play sports and games, read books, do art, get wet at the sprinklers, and play lots of sport games.

Park Slope spread the word and we continued to grow. Now older children joined and so did our activities. We now traveled outside the neighborhood utilizing the pools, museums, zoos, and fun places throughout the city.

Now we have grown into three divisions. We hire school buses to take us to many places around the city so that we can do it all. We have swim lessons, karate, gymnastics, sports, art and for 2nd graders and up specialty choices in sports, theater, gymnastics, cooking, building and construction and hands on science. All are geared for the individual groups and ages. What has not changed is our love of outdoors and healthy and active kids. Our kids get plenty dirty!

We have had the pleasure watching many children grow up from little ones to college students. Many come back to work with us as counselors to help pass on the fun and learning experiences they had as children in Park Explorers.